Education for positive transformation

Education is the key to positive transformation. As a consultant and author, I provide expertise in all the relevant fields concerning education: from evaluating and conceptualising education systems to the development and implementation of learning formats.

My portfolio includes the following areas:

Education Analysis

Would you like your educational system evaluated for future relevance? I can deliver evidence-based solutions and recommend areas for improvement. My analyses are concise and thoroughly researched and can also be elegantly worded with good storytelling.

Example “Skills Strategy for the UAE”

Drawing from my years of experience at the OECD, I advise government educational projects, the European Commission, as well as foundations and various national organisations. For example, I wrote a National Skills Strategy for the Government of the United Arab Emirates.

Education Advice

If you want to create an attractive further education programme for yourself and your organisation, I will help with planning, goal setting and implementation. I develop creative educational concepts that are tailored to your individual needs.

Example “Hogan Lovells Social Skills Campaign”

For the European offices of the international law firm Hogan Lovells International LLP, I am developing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign on social skills. In conjunction with this, I am authoring and producing a short film that documents how employee engagement encourages the acquisition of these skills.

Learning Platforms

I have already successfully established efficient learning systems for well-known customers. I will show you how you can not only promote the internal exchange of knowledge, but also have a positive impact on corporate culture, which is an important element in making your company a “learning organisation”.

Example “Siemens AG Learning World”

Together with the communications agency MadeVision, I designed a training strategy and platform for Siemens AG executives. It answers the following questions: how can self-organised learning be implemented in the company? Which structures promote the exchange of knowledge and the development of a learning organisation?

Learning Designs

With years of experience in developing learning formats of various kinds, including eLearning offerings, educational games and learning apps, I offer support in all phases of the project. Depending on your needs, I will design the concept and learning content for you, using the latest methodologies and research regarding learning behaviour and use of online tools. I will also draw on Design Thinking to develop the optimal product for your learning needs.

Example Learning-App “sprachtalent”

For foreign nurses working in Germany, I developed the concept and content for “sprachtalent”, an App-based language learning programme. Users appreciate the playfulness of new media combined with relevant content taken directly from everyday hospital life.

Teaching & Training

For academies and educational institutions, I develop appropriate learning designs and teaching modules. With a mix of real-life experiences and opportunities to reflect on them, the seminars and workshops enable transformative learning for personality development.

Example “Academy of the German Education Foundation”

In a one-week experimental workshop with approaches from Otto Scharmer’s Theory-U and Joseph Beuys’ concept of social sculpture, I worked with students on the subject of changing attitudes towards the economy. The results were presented by the students in an impressive self-designed performance.

Speeches & Debates

Are you looking for an education expert who understands trends in the national and international educational scene in addition to mastering several languages? For many years, I have been giving lectures, interviews and have taken part in debates on educational topics for lay and expert audiences.