Engagement for education


Do you want to know what skills will be needed in the future? Do you want to find out which educational system best suits the requirements of today’s world? Are you interested in alternatives to existing learning concepts? Do you want to understand how young people can learn courage or what an iceberg can teach you?


Since 2004, I have been grappling with these questions as a consultant, author and filmmaker through lectures, continuing education programmes, in-company learning systems and learning games. My clients include international companies, NGOs, governments, film production companies, educational institutions, seminar and conference organisers.


My mission is to foster engagement with education because education is much more than finishing school or training for a job. The goal of education is also to shape talent, mould personality and promote self-reliance. I am committed to ensuring that education not only becomes the basis for a happy and fulfilling life, but also a tool to instil a sense of responsibility for the future of our planet.



Learning as a passion


I have always been passionate about learning. Attending the Waldorf school as a child taught me freedom and self-paced learning. In the school’s garden, I explored nature. In art class and through theatre projects I learned to work creatively. I also spent eight years learning classical dressage where I developed focus and discipline.


By taking me to universities in Munich, Cambridge, London, Paris and Berlin, my studies were international in scope. My degrees in history, politics and economics, taught me critical thinking, how to argue in different languages, and how to use data and statistics. They provided me with a solid foundation when I began my career as a Policy Analyst in the Education Directorate of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).


For 10 years, I have been advising governments on educational issues, analysing policy and giving lectures at national and international conferences. I acquired valuable insight into educational policy and a comprehensive picture of how education systems function alongside their main actors, ministries, international organisations, education and research institutions, and business.


After a year as a Fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and my participation in the MIT Lab for Change Management with Otto Scharmer, I decided to work independently in order to implement my own ideas on education. Today, it is my pleasure to share my experience and to support people and organisations through transformational educational approaches.